My screen shots

*Best viewed in 800x600 24bit mode*

This is just a trial of my kernel. I have loaded 3 apps. They are running simultaneously. The three apps do share some command buttons. That is all it is doing right now.

This is my 2nd screen shot. It is showing 2 applications with 3 windows each. Each app has some command buttons and textboxes. Though I have check boxes in my GUI I still haven't linked the interpreter with them i.e. even though they are present the interpreter cannot use them. In the next screen shot they will definitely be there.

This is my 3rd screen shot. It is showing only 1 application with 3 windows each. Now my GUI has all the basic components command buttons, check boxes, option buttons and most of all text boxes! As in my previous GUIs these text boxes are scrollable and can be numeric, alphanumeric, or only alphabetical. This GUI demands a good amount of resources like it will require PIII (at least 650Mhz) and up.

This is my 4th screen shot. This screen shot shows a calculator, and 2 other apps just for fun running. It is showing all my components. The calculator works very well!


This is my 5th screen shot. Looking good now my OS has built in FileSelector/Explorer. It is actually faster than windows'. Well at least Windows ME's explorer runs slower on my system than this.


















WARNING! The GUI's color scheme and shading is sole property of DAM inc. Anybody using/copying it would be dealt with severe legal action.